Illiterate People Upset Over Free 17-Minute Guardians Preview


Star Lord

What part of “17 minute first look” is hard to understand?

In a startling example of people who lack any kind of reading comprehension, a virtual riot erupted on AMC Theaters’ Facebook page last night following Marvel’s 17-minute IMAX 3D preview of Guardians of the Galaxy.

These people are upset that they didn’t get to see the whole movie for free, on IMAX 3D, a month before its release and even before the film is actually rated by the MPAA or has had its world premiere. These people obviously didn’t know how to read their free tickets that said “First Look” and “17 minutes of footage”.

Here’s just a small selection of the face-palm posts made last night by people who felt way too entitled by a free 17-minute preview:

Guardians of the Galaxy Idiots