Impressions of Marvel\’s 17-Minute Guardians of the Galaxy IMAX Preview

Guardians of the Galaxy

We saw 17 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy and it was awesome.

Tonight Marvel debuted 17 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy footage on IMAX screens across the country and we were there to check it out. This footage, although structured in the same way, is almost completely different than the Disneyland nine minute preview.

It opens with a modified version of the trailer lineup. Here they establish Gamora as the adoptive daughter of Thanos and sister of Nebula. While Nebula’s picture is shown, Thanos’ image is obscured. Also Quill’s flip-off is uncensored.

From there the characters are moved to the Kyln. Gamora, Rocket, Quill, and Groot are led in handcuffs while Groot’s “I am Groot” begins to annoy Star-Lord. He calls Rocket a raccoon, which earns a funny “What’s a raccoon?” from him. Then comes the Walkman scene from the first trailer, which starts a montage set to “Hooked on a Feeling”.

Quill is sprayed with an orange liquid from a huge hose, and when he’s drying off Rocket walks in and he’s been doused as well. You can see a shaved spot on Rocket’s back with implants, which refers to the experimentation he’s been through.

Rocket hatches a plan to escape, and as he’s explaining to Quill and Gamora the need to grab the battery last, Groot disconnects it and triggers chaos in the prison.

Gamora fights guards to get a key device from one of their arms, Groot fights off drones with Rocket, and Drax joins in while Star-Lord goes after a prosthetic leg. Once they have what they need, the group storms a small guard room where Rocket begins hacking the tower.

Nova Corps show up with rocket launchers and begin firing on them. Just when the windows can’t sustain another hit, Rocket finishes his hack and turns off the artificial gravity everywhere but in their room. He detaches the room and used hacked drones to fly it out of the main prison area.

That’s where the footage ends and goes into an extended trailer set to “Cherry Bomb”. Most of the footage has been seen, but there are a couple of awesome new shots of Ronan the Accuser. The highlight is a single frame of him kneeling at Thanos’ throne. Thanos’ back is turned, but you can see his arms and shoulders.

Following the trailer is the same “I have a plan” scene from the Disney footage and quick shots of Rocket’s ship causing havoc in Knowhere. There is also a single frame of Yondu pointing and grinning at the camera.

Based on the turnout and reaction to the footage, Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be huge. Those who called it “risky” or labeled it as “Marvel’s first bomb” probably spoke too soon.