Days of Future Past Director\’s Cut Blu-Ray Coming This Year


X-Men Days of Future Past Director's Cut

There’s already a Days of Future Past “double dip” planned this year.

Fox already has the X-Men: Days of Future Past Blu-Ray up for pre-order on places like Amazon, but it looks like there will be a second release later this year containing a Director’s Cut.

The original version of the movie had a full sequence involving Rogue cut out that was a huge action scene. In the movie that was released in theaters, Rogue’s part was reduced to nothing more and a small cameo. Someone asked the filmmakers on twitter if we’d see these scenes in a Director’s Cut, and Lauren Shuler Donner confirmed it will be out later in the year:

X-Men Days of Future Past Director's Cut

Normally these sort of “double dips” are saved until a sequel is being released in order to promote that. But releasing a Director’s Cut just a couple months after the normal one? That’s just a slimy cash-grab.