Lucasfilm Officially Confirms Episode VII is Still Coming December 18, 2015


Episode VIIIn a rare Sunday update to the Official Star Wars site, Lucasfilm has announced two new cast members for Episode VII while squashing another pesky delay rumor.

First off Crystal Clarke and Pip Anderson have been cast in the film. Both are unknowns and were discovered by the much-publicized open casting calls for the movie earlier this year. These are the “Rachel” and “Thomas” roles from the script that was used in those open auditions.

Next, Lucasfilm addresses the rumors of a major delay for the film due to Harrison Ford’s injury. They will be taking a two-week break, but are still on schedule to wrap in the fall:

In August, the team will take a brief two-week hiatus while adjustments to the current production schedule are made as actor Harrison Ford recovers from a leg injury. Harrison is doing well and is looking forward to returning to the set soon. Shooting remains on track to wrap in the fall with the film scheduled for release on December 18, 2015.

This squashes the rumor that an unreliable movie blog attempted to start this week, which said Disney would be delaying the movie until May 4, 2016.