Disney Star Wars Attractions On Hold Until After the Sequel Trilogy?


Star Tours 2 Alderaan

We may not see the Alderaan destination in Star Tours anytime soon…

There have been a lot of rumors about what Disney is planning for Star Wars attractions in the various parks, most recently it’s been revealed that the Indy Stunt Show in Florida would be closing to make room for some Star Wars stuff.

But could all Star Wars plans be on hold? While there are some wild rumors out there from less-then-reliable sources who try to act like Disney’s accountants and cite crazy budget ideas for the hold, a pretty reliable site chimed in with the real reason why we won’t see Star Wars attractions for a while.

Disney and More mostly covers the Paris park, but they’ve been pretty reliable for a while. They say the Star Wars plans are on hold to see how a new generation responds to the characters of the Sequel Trilogy:

Apparently Disney suddenly realized that the first Star Wars trilogy, the one which founded the SW mythology was released 30 years ago, meaning that the fans are now in their 40’s or 50’s and Disney prefer to wait for the release of the new trilogy to see how today’s new generations react. And then they will choose the rides to be include in Star Wars land. It means that you might have attractions that would be related to the upcoming trilogy instead than the old ones. Which also might mean to say goodbye to the rumored SW speeder bikes ride.

Seeing as how Disney likes to focus on what’s popular over what’s old and forgotten (lots of Frozen in the parks, not much Roger Rabbit), this does make a lot of sense. So that would mean the earliest we may see new Star Wars content in the parks, outside of the Paris Star Tours update, would be 2018 or 2019.