The Top 5 Star Wars Trailers of All Time


Star Wars

What’s the best Star Wars tailer? Here are five…

The official Star Wars Youtube channel has recently been posting some pretty interesting vintage Star Wars trailers. Whenever I see an old Star Wars trailer, it makes me think of some of the amazing ones that Lucasfilm has done over the last thirty-five years of Star Wars. Here are the trailers that I feel are the five best bits of Star Wars promotion ever done:

Star Wars Special Edition

For a long time the second trailer on this list was the greatest Star Wars trailer. That changed with the Special Edition re-release in 1997 for Star Wars’ 20th anniversary. Even now, more than a decade later, nothing gets you more into a Star Wars mood than this trailer. It’s a rousing celebration of Star Wars, and I doubt they’ll ever be able to top it.

From Star Wars to Jedi

This wasn’t a theatrical trailer, but the Special Edition trailers were obviously modeled after it. This was on for the original VHS release of the trilogy and the classic “From Star Wars to Jedi” making of special. If not for the Special Edition trailer, this would be the best Star Wars trailer ever.

Revenge of the Sith Title Reveal

Even though the title leaked shortly before the 2004 San Diego Comic Con, Lucafilm officially kept it secret until the convention. In order to announce the trailer to a packed Hall H during the Star Wars Spectacular, they put together this trailer that goes through each episode in the order they were released, ending with Episode III and officially revealing the title to everyone.

The Empire Strikes Back Trailer Narrated by Harrison Ford

Does that narrator sound a little familiar? It should, because it’s Harrison Ford trying to sound more excited than he’s ever been or ever will be again. Once you realize who the trailer voice is, it makes this vintage Empire Strikes Back trailer even more awesome. Maybe Lucasfilm could get Ford to do something similar for the Episode VII trailer?

Star Wars Episode I Bootleg Trailer (1998)

Why the bootleg trailer? Because this was the way the Episode I trailer first hit the ‘net in late 1998. This was the first look anyone had at a brand new Star Wars movie. I can vividly remember my roommates and I huddling around the computer in 1998 and watching this for the first time. The eruption of cheers at the Lucasfilm logo, stoned Yoda, and the title harken back to a time before Prequel haters. Before the Dark Times. When all Star Wars fans were united in a love of the Wars.

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