Mark Ruffalo Smashes \’Planet Hulk\’ Rumors

Planet Hulk

Planet Hulk isn’t happening.

While most Marvel fans who read comic books and watch the movies have a good idea what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is building up to, there is still a small segment of people out there who think they’re going to do a Planet Hulk movie and then Avengers 3 would be based on World Wide Hulk. The reason for this is a (now) bogus rumor started by Latino Review back in February of last year that said exactly that.

Marvel’s denied this in the past, and obviously as it’s still a rumor in the mindset of some people MTV asked Mark Ruffalo about it and he shot it down as well:

“I don’t think [‘Planet Hulk’] is the way to go yet,” he said. “I think you need more Banner. The whole thing is just him as Hulk, on a planet, fighting other gladiators.”

People who actually read comic books and pay attention to what Marvel is doing knows that they’re building up to a showdown with Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers 3.