Episode VII Will Feature Motion Capture CG Characters


Episode VII Puppet

Yes, you’ll see puppets. But there will be CG characters as well.

Those who were around to experience the Original Trilogy prior to the Special Editions in the late 90s might remember the point of view of many fans that one of the reasons they disliked Return of the Jedi was that it was basically the Muppet Show. There were so many puppets and furry teddy bears that many Star Wars fans disliked the third movie in the Original Trilogy.

Fast forward thirty years and people are freaking out over how awesome that puppet was in the JJ Abrams Abu Dhabi set video, easily forgetting that many of them once complained about too many puppets in Return of the Jedi. Perhaps they were hoping that there wouldn’t be any CG characters in Episode VII, and if that’s the case they better brace themselves for news that will likely cause them to hate the movie as much as the Prequels.

Speaking with SciFiNow, Andy Serkis confirmed that his motion capture studio would be working on all Star Wars now and his character is part of it:

“The Imaginarium is now involved in all of the performance capture on the Star Wars projects,” Serkis confirms, “and I’m playing a character in that.”

Just like the Prequels before it, Episode VII will use sets and models while mixing in a lot of CG. This is 2014 people, to think that a $200 million production will revert back thirty years in technology just to make some jaded fanboys happy is unfathomable.

Just like with Abrams’ Star Trek movies, they’ll use whatever techniques get the job done the quickest and the most affordable. And that means you’re going to see a lot of CG, but thankfully with today’s technology if you show the average “CG hater” a scene done in CG they couldn’t even tell you what was real and what wasn’t.