Michael Bay to Transformer Haters: \’Let Them Hate\’


Transformers Age of Extinction

You call it dumb, we call it awesome.

As of right now, Transformers: Age of Extinction is already at more than $100 million worldwide in only its second day of release in the US. It made over $41 million on its opening day, and more than $66 million over its first two days in China. There is a definitely an audience for this sort of summer amusement park ride, and there’s no surprise that Paramount is already planning the fifth movie for 2016.

Even though this is the fourth Transformers movie, there seems to be a huge segment of film snobs clogging up Twitter and their blogs with annoying think pieces about how “dumb” the movie is as if they hadn’t already seen three previous versions of it over the few years.

MTV asked Michael Bay about this hate in an interview and he had this to say:

“They love to hate, and I don’t care; let them hate,” he told MTV’s Josh Horowitz. “They’re still going to see the movie! I think it’s good to get a little tension. Very good.”

“I used to get bothered by it,” he continued, “but I think it’s good to get the dialogue going. It makes me think, and it keeps me on my toes, so it’s good.”

I doubt film snobs will ever learn that the mass market likes dumb escapism in the middle of the summer. That’s why there will continue to be Tranformers blowing up the big screen for years to come.