The Star Wars Prequels in the Style of \’Guardians of the Galaxy\’


Prequels Guardians of the Galaxy

Now it’s time for the Prequel version of the viral trailer.

If you were on the Internet at all last week, you likely saw the viral video of the Original Trilogy set in the style of the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Well now it’s time for the Prequels.

Once again this is done by the Usual Suspect on YouTube, and it’s almost surprising that it isn’t a Prequel bash-fest. In fact, it’s the opposite and done with the same amount of care that the Original Trilogy trailer was given. I applaud these guys for not bashing the Prequels, and even though they had a bit of fun at the end with a couple laughs, it fits the tone of the Guardians trailer.

Check it out before it goes viral: