Could Batman V Superman Be Following a \’Death of\’ Storyline? (Possible Spoilers)

Death of Superman

Could 1992’s Death of Superman play out in Batman V Superman?

With all of the controversy surrounding casting and costumes in Batman V Superman, not many people have paused to figure out what the movie would actually be about. Just recently, revelations came out about what that Superman statue is for in the movie and now there appears to be a dark fate for it at some point in the story.

Latino Review has posted some set images from a Michigan Film Blog that shows the statue in a ruined state and people laying flowers on it. This has sparked the theory that the story could be following the famous “Death of Superman” story from the 90s.

Not long ago, Doomsday was rumored to show up in the movie and if that is the enemy that Luthor is controlling, it could make sense to do the “Death of” story in Batman V Superman and then have Supes return just in time to defeat Darseid in Justice League. This wouldn’t be the first time there was an attempt at a big screen Death of Superman movie. Kevin Smith’s Superman script used the Death storyline as its basis, although that movie was never made.