Pacific Rim 2 Arrives April 7, 2017!


Pacific Rim

It’s really coming! Pacific Rim 2!

Jaeger and Kaiju fans, you’re loyalty to Pacific Rim has been rewarded. In a special Youtube announcement (below) Guillermo del Toro has revealed that not only will we see a sequel to Pacific Rim on April 7th, 2017 they are also developing an animated series and will continue the comic series that began with the “Year Zero” graphic novel.

This time Universal will be releasing the movie with Legendary once again producing it, and an April release will likely help the movie as it won’t be released in the middle of the summer blockbuster season when expectations are sky high. We know they’ve talked a bit about sequel ideas in the past, which included a Kaiju-Jaeger hybrid and a new Gypsy Danger.

Here’s del Toro’s announcement: