Plot Rumors About a New Episode VII Character (Possible Spoilers)


Star Wars Episode VIIFor the most part a lot of the rumors surrounding Star Wars Episode VII have focused on the returning original cast. In a way you can’t blame the larger Internet for this, as many have trouble looking past their Original Trilogy nostalgia glasses to see that there will be new characters in the Sequel Trilogy. Also, it’s sometimes easier to make up crazy rumors about existing characters are people are more likely to believe them.

But Episode VII will be filled with new characters who will eventually become the focus of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. There have been things leaking out about these people even back when the cast was originally announced, but as with many rumors things have to be “sat on” until sources give the “OK” to go live with the story.

One of these rumors has to do with John Boyega’s character. This is a culmination of a couple months of information being pieced together, and today dropped this (Note: the Thomas and Rachel names are from the old casting script, they are not the names in the film):

We have heard that Thomas starts the film on the side of the villains. Thomas is shot down over Tatooine and he is injured from the crash. The things we heard from Abu Dhabi about a crashed ship is rumored to have been Thomas’ fighter. Rachel rescues him from the wreckage and the elements of the sandy planet. Over the course of their “unlikely pairing,” Thomas sees the reality of the universe and he defects from the side of the villains and decides to help Rachel for saving his life. However, things are not easy for the character because unlike most of the rebels we’ve met in the series, none were traitors, they were always on the side of right from the beginning. However, it appears Rachel and Thomas have an innocent flirtation in their first film with hints at romance in the future episodes.

I often hear Thomas is a Jedi in the film, but I am beginning to think he might start that journey midway through Star Wars: Episode VII, which is why he has a lightsaber according to many reports. We have never heard Thomas has a lightsaber during the Abu Dhabi sequences, but we have heard set reports from Pinewood that he fights with two hands on his saber, without much of the prequel style flash of a one handed Obi-Wan Kenobi. It makes me wonder if Thomas and Rachel’s characters discover they share the same propensity for the Force that has so far been untapped until they meet a certain old Jedi in the second act of the film.

Obviously there will be one big Star Wars fan site who will be out to debunk this today to maintain their “good” relationship with Lucasfilm, but this information is legit. Again it comes from multiple sources over a long period of time, so at this point there is a very good chance that’s what these two new characters are.