DC Has (Quietly) Began Giving Bill Finger Credit on Batman


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Bill Finger was responsible for most of the stuff we associate with Batman today.

Most comic book fans know about the controversy over Bill Finger and his contributions to the creation of Batman. Finger was responsible for the costume, Gotham City, Commissioner Gordon, and most of Batman’s villains including The Joker and a lot more. Yet for most of Batman’s 75 years Bob Kane has received sole credit for creating Batman, but that looks like it is slowing beginning to change.

Following a big campaign spearheaded by Marc Tyler Nobleman who wrote a biography on Finger, it looks like DC is quietly beginning to give him co-creator credit on at least some Batman items.

The first is the Detective Comics #27 reprint that DC will be handing out for free at local comic shops. Fingers name is right there on the cover along with Kane’s:
Detective 27 Bill Finger

DC’s social media is also doing it such as this recent post by the official Batman Facebook page that’s talking about the new Kotobukiya “first appearance” Batman statue with this description:

Created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger Batman has been thrilling readers young and old alike for 75 years.

Batman Bill Finger Facebook

It is a little strange that the credit is popping up this quietly, but hopefully more people will start to take notice of it and hopefully it’ll make its way to the pages of the main Batman books.