Shane Black Will Reboot \’Predator\’

Shane Black Predator

Shane Black in the original Predator

This is a reboot I can get behind, and allow me to explain why. For those of you who are unaware, Shane Black was actually in the original Predator because at the time Fox wanted him to polish the script. He obviously didn’t, but that didn’t stop the movie from going on to be a huge classic.

Now The Hollywood Reporter says that Black will write a treatment for a Predator reboot, hand it off to his Monster Squad partner Fred Dekker, and then oversee the writing and direct the film. Interestingly the Hollywood Reporter article confuses Predator 2 with 2010’s Predators and forgot the name of the sequel. Poor Danny Glover.

With the Alien franchise seeing a reboot of sorts with Prometheus and its sequel, it was only a matter of time before Fox did the same with Predator. We can only hope that if they ever decide to combine the franchises again they do something closer to the original Dark Horse Comics version of AvP than the horrible movies we saw in the last decade.