The Clone Wars Coming to Netflix in 4K Ultra HD

Yoda Darth Bane Clone Wars

All six seasons of The Clone Wars in Ultra HD? Would you buy a new TV for that?

When The Clone Wars came to Netflix it was an obvious hit with many people finally being able to see the the series in HD and in the correct aspect ratio. Watching the series on TV, even in the HD broadcasts, showed a cropped version of the series when in reality the episodes are meant to be presented in the same aspect ratio as the Star Wars films. Now a bit of news is out that says we may get to see Clone Wars like never before. has a report that says Lucasfilm Animation is currently remastering the entire series in 4K resolution for Netflix:

Lucasfilm Animation seems to have taken notice and decided to jump on board by re-rendering Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 4K , if the report from my source is accurate. The source, who is involved with the German versions of the series, claims to have been working on the lip sink adjustments for the German versions of the 4K episodes. Seasons 1-3 have already been rendered in 4K, and Lucasfilm hopes to release all six seasons on Netflix sometime this fall. All character models that needed to be updated, have been. However, details on release are vague, and the source says that they aren’t even sure if it ever will be released – the release of the German versions is even less likely.

You do need a beefy internet connection (as well as a 4K television, of course) to take advantage of Netflix’s 4K offerings. They’ve recently began airing the second season of House of Cards in 4K, and The Clone Wars would be a great bit of content for those with expensive new TVs.