Episode VII Isn\’t Delayed Until 2016…Yet



Following Harrison Ford’s injury on the set of Star Wars Episode VII, and the news that his recovery could take up to six months, there are a lot of panicking rumors swirling around the movie. Naturally the big one is that the movie would be delayed possibly to May of 2016.

JediNews.uk is claiming that a meeting was held to discuss a possible delay:

We understand a meeting was called this morning at Pinewood to discuss the situation, but the early word is that production of the film could be pushed back by a substantial amount of time.

On the other hand, MakingStarWars.net has seen text from a memo within Pinewood that suggests that production will be delayed but without any other changes:

With Mr Ford returning to the US for treatment, rescheduling of the AVCO shoot is necessitated. We will update regarding knock-on effects to schedules as and when necessary. No new pages.

Despite that memo, rumors of a delay are picking up speed. But, they’re still rumors and there is enough evidence out there saying that as of right now the movie is still on schedule for December.

Here’s an Entertainment Weekly writer:

This Harrison Ford injury is causing havoc with Episode VII's schedule, but my sources are adamant: #StarWars remains on track for Dec. 2015

— Anthony Breznican (@Breznican) June 23, 2014


And Lucafilm gave a statement to TheForce.net denying any delay:

“There is no change in the release date.”

Despite these denials, there are still sites claiming it will be delayed based on sources on the ground at Pinewood. Whatever’s going on, there is going to be some kind of massive rescheduling and at this time Lucasfilm is saying there is no change. If Ford’s recovery ends up taking longer than six months, it’s almost certain that the movie could be delayed into 2016.

However until Lucasfilm reverses their above statement and reveals a delay on StarWars.com, the official word is that there’s no change as of yet.