There Are Two Fake \’Star Wars\’ Scoops Being Spread Around Today


Han Solo

Don’t believe everything you read, kid.

We’ve talked in the past about the hunger for Star Wars website hits that could blind some people to being sensible about reporting rumors, and today is a classic example of things getting out of hand. There are two big Star Wars “scoops” being spread around today, and both are completely bogus.

The first is from British tabloids such as The Sun and The Mirror. That right there should immediately discredit the entire story, but there are still sites reporting this one as a Star Wars Episode VII story just to get people to click on it. The story goes that Tom Cruise was seen having lunch or something with JJ Abrams, and as Abrams is directing Star Wars it obviously means Cruise is “in talks” to join the movie. What fails to register with the people spreading this is that JJ Abrams is producing Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible 5, and if the meeting was about any movie it would be about that before Star Wars.

Our next bogus rumor is actually a repurposing of a seven-year-old story from David Cronenberg in an attempt to make it a Star Wars Sequel Trilogy scoop. This one was found on the (reported by but it actually originated from The Hollywood Reporter where David Cronenberg was re-telling the story about how he turned down Return of the Jedi:

Continuing on his near brushes with studio projects, he said: “I got a phone call once asking if I was interested in directing one of the Star Wars sequels. And instead of saying ‘Oh my God, yes!’ I said, ‘Well, you know, I don’t really do other people’s material.’ Click. I don’t know how far it would have gone, but it ended there.”

This is actually a very old story. He told the exact same story to AMC back in 2007, long before the Sequel Trilogy was ever announced:

“I got a phone call. I was in my kitchen and it was one of the producers. He said, ‘What would you think of doing ‘Star Wars’?” Cronenberg explained. “I said, ‘Well, I don’t usually do other people’s material.’ And then there was a kind of click. I wasn’t enthusiastic enough obviously. I didn’t get a chance to think about whether it was a good idea or not. I blew it right away.’

So there you go. On one hand British tabloids are turning what was likely a lunch between friends about Mission: Impossible 5 into a Star Wars story and on the other people are trying to pass off a seven-year-old story about Return of the Jedi as a Sequel Trilogy director scoop.