Yondu is Finally Spotted in Marvel\’s CineEurope \’Guardians\’ Footage


Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu

There are a couple characters in August’s Guardians of the Galaxy that Marvel has kept out of all marketing for the film. The first is obviously Thanos, as his reveal will be a big fanboy moment in the film, but the other is Yondu who is a character that’s pretty important to Star-Lord.

Recently Marvel showed off some Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy footage at CineEurope, which is basically the European version of CinemaCon here in the US. While most sites are keeping mum about the Avengers footage they showed off, TotalFilm has a description up of the Guardians footage and it finally reveals Michael Rooker’s Yondu:

We didn’t see enough of Rooker’s performance to get a true sense of the character, but he looked awesome, with bright blue skin and a red mohawk.

Hit the above link for their complete description of all of the Guardians footage that was shown, but be careful as there are some minor spoilers in the description.