Looper Director Rian Johnson to Write and Direct Episodes VIII and IX!



We now know that JJ Abrams won’t be directing the final two installments of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. After kicking off the trilogy with Episode VII, Abrams will hand over the reigns to Looper director Rian Johnson who will write and direct Episodes VIII and IX.

Deadline broke the news just now, and as with the Abrams announcement it’ll likely be a few hours until the official Star Wars site confirms it, but this appears to be the real deal.

For those afraid of Abrams doing all three movies, this should be something of a relief. Looper was an awesome movie, and if you follow Johnson on Twitter you’ll know he does love Star Wars. So I see this as a big positive today.


The Wrap is reporting that Johnson will only be doing a treatment for Episode IX. I guess it was a bit too early for them to confirm a director for it.