Rumor: New Solo Batman Film Titled \’The Batman\’ Coming in 2019?


Ben Affleck Batman
When that list of upcoming DC superhero movies leaked, most people wondered where Batman was. The list only goes up to 2018 with a Man of Steel sequel coming that year so many thought that a solo Batman film could come out after that…DC just wasn’t ready to put it on the schedule.

Now Latino Review is claiming that the first Ben Affleck solo Batman film will come out in 2019 and be titled “The Batman”. I’d say to take this one with a grain of salt as the site said back in March of 2013 that Christopher Nolan would be producing the Justice League movie and that Christian Bale would return as Batman. Naturally Latino Review has deleted that scoop from their website, but Batman-News has a report on it here.

It wouldn’t be shocking to see a new Batman movie following that long list of DC films, which gives this rumor a small bit of credibility.