New Information on Episode VII\’s Stormtroopers


ralph-mcquarrie-cloud-city-stormtrooper1Part of the big rumor this week about Sith Inquisitors taking part in Star Wars Episode VII dealt with the idea that the Empire is also present in the movie. Despite Eric Geller at TheForce.Net putting forth a blanket debunking claiming nothing in the rumor as true (including the Empire bits), more information came out today from two sources that gives descriptions on what the Episode VII Stormtroopers look like.

Today both and Latino Review discuss what the new Stormtroopers look like with each site filling in different details on the armor. This matches up with Devin Faraci also confirming he too has heard about the new Troopers and Lupita being villains.

I know the 501st will be eagerly awaiting photos of these very Ralph McQuarrie-like Troopers to leak out, and they will. That’s why Abrams has been putting ponchos over the armor when they’re in the open at Pinewood, as he knows eventually someone with a big enough zoom lens will snap a photo of them just like with the Star Wars breakfast that took place at Walt Disney World prior to the casting announcement. So why is one site working so hard to put out a firm blanket debunking of these rumors that are now being reported by multiple outlets?

Well, TheForce.Net has been around since 1996. They went through the Special Editions and the Prequels as one of the major Star Wars fan sites. Due to that they have developed a strong relationship with Lucasfilm, which has translated into a spoiler policy that sort of ties their hands into not being able to put out rumors themselves. At the same time, TFN wishes to maintain that relationship with Lucasfilm, so they can’t do anything to jeopardize that. Thus a big debunking of a major rumor and flat out calling every aspect of it false, despite it being backed up by multiple large film blogs who have also heard the same thing.

As I explained in the piece yesterday, this sort of information is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s still something very shocking and unexpected that may or may not come out prior to the movie. People need to understand that JJ’s Mystery Box isn’t unbreakable, despite some crazy controls they have in place at Pinewood. More and more information will come out, and it doesn’t matter if people haven’t read the script or not…Episode VII is going to be a leaky ship. I doubt very much TMZ read the script. Does that mean their set photos were faked?