How Obi-Wan Will Appear in Star Wars Rebels


Obi-Wan HologramBased on recent toy leaks, it’s been known for a little while that Obi-Wan Kenobi would show up in Star Wars Rebels. Until now it’s all been speculation as how he’ll appear in the show, but a bunch of new rumors came out about the pilot movie and with them we learn just how Obi-Wan fits in.

Over at MakingStarWars you can read all of the new rumors, which include bits about Ezra, and one of them explains that although Obi-Wan appears in the pilot episode it’s only as a hologram.

What’s not known is the nature of the hologram. Is it a current one where he’s speaking to the Rebels characters? Or is it an older hologram of a younger Obi-Wan warning the Jedi to not return to Coruscant during the events of Episode III? We’ll find out for sure in a couple months when Rebels begins on Disney XD.

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