No, the \’Millennium Falcon\’s Door\’ Wasn\’t What Injured Harrison Ford


Han Solo

What door on the Falcon are these people talking about?

As most people know by now, Harrison Ford broke his ankle last week while on the set of Star Wars Episode VII. What’s annoying about this story is how false tabloid Bantha poodoo is accepted as truth. No, he wasn’t crushed to death.

The big falsehood everyone is spreading was that he was crushed by the Millennium Falcon’s door. Such as The Hollywood Reporter on the day it happened:

A source tells THR that the actor, who reprises his role as Han Solo from the original franchise, was injured by the door of the Millennium Falcon, the spacecraft that his character pilots in the original films.

And again today:

Ford, who’s reprising his role as Han Solo, was injured by the door of the Millennium Falcon,

The stupid thing about this whole thing is that the Millennium Falcon set doesn’t have any heavy doors that could crush anyone, much less break an ankle.

The more likely truth is that he was hit by a soundstage door. Think a very large metal garage door or a rolling door at a loading dock. The current rumor is that there was some kind of hydraulic failure with the door, which caused it to fall on Ford and break his ankle.

That’s much more believable than a nonexistent giant door on the Falcon doing it.