Flash/Green Lantern Isn\’t the Odd Combination You\’re Being Told It Is…


Flash Green LanternWhen a rumored line-up of DC movies through 2018 leaked yesterday, one of the snarky narratives that emerged is how bizarre a Flash/Green Lantern move is for DC to do. Comic fans are probably scratching their heads at this, as it’s actually a very common teaming that DC has been doing in the comics for decades.

While the title can be applied to other heroes (such as the New 52 Power Girl/Huntress book), “The World’s Finest” is generally attributed to a comic where Batman and Superman team up. Many were hoping that Batman V Superman would end up being named that, but of course it wasn’t. Similarly, DC has another team up book called “The Brave and the Bold”.

The title has a long history of involving various DC heroes, but following a limited series in the 90s the name “The Brave and the Bold” is generally associated with a Flash/Green Lantern team up. Obviously today DC wouldn’t use that as a movie title as they recently did a hilariously awesome Batman animated series using the name, but most comic fans still associate it with the Speedster and Lantern.

The Flash and Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold

Flash/Green Lantern is a long-standing team in the DC Universe.

Barry Allen (The Flash) and Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) are both cops, and their personalities meld perfectly. Putting those two together is a very popular thing for DC to do, which is why the baffling comments from film blogs unfamiliar with DC comics have left many comic fans equally baffled.

Of all of the possible DC movies leaked yesterday Flash/Green Lantern is actually one DC fans are pretty excited about as they know the history of that teaming from the comics, and how great the two characters are together. Hopefully this rumored DC resurgence will spark some of those large film blogs to seek out and read some comics so they can understand how such a movie isn’t an odd combination.