Netflix Isn\’t Resurrecting Star Trek…Yet


Wrath of Khan

Fake Star Trek revival rumors make Kirk over act.

There’s a crazy rumor going viral on the internet this week that says that Netflix will be resurrecting Star Trek in the form of a new television series. The problem is that the rumor is started by an unnamed person putting words in Trekland’s Larry Nemecek’s mouth. The problem is, he never said that would be happening.

Nemecek made a blog post on Trekland where he squashes the rumor, but giving hope that it could happen someday:

As we know by now, Netflix has changed the TV/media landscape yet again by becoming a platform of clout with original shows like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black—popular not only with fans, but critics…and now the award shows. It’s in Netflix’s interest to be casting about for new shows—including those from known franchises. I understand Star Trek is one of them—especially as Trek’s 737 hours of “reruns” performs as a top draw ON Netflix. As I understand it, there have been overtures. But none taken. So far.

So there’s the truth. It isn’t really happening, but it’s not something that’s out of the realm of possibility.