E3 2014: Star Fox Returns on the Wii U!


Star Fox Wii UNintendo isn’t holding their online digital press conference until 9:00am Pacific this morning, but one of the big games has already leaked thanks to Time Magazine.

In an interview on their website, Shigeru Miyamoto discusses the new Star Fox for the Wii U and three other projects he’s working on for the system:

UPDATE: Time Magazine has removed the page from their site, likely for jumping the gun. This is what the dead link described. It’ll likely be live again after 9:00am Pacific this morning.

In one of the games, which Miyamoto called Project Giant Robot, players control sky-scraping automatons, angling the Wii U GamePad in front of a TV screen while shifting their torsos left and right or up and down to maneuver the robot’s upper-body while thumbing the controller’s joysticks to punch or grab — almost like a full-body game of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. The GamePad shows you what the robot sees, while the TV screen offers a zoomed-back view, letting onlookers — as well as you — admire your tromping, pummeling handiwork.

In another, titled Project Guard, the GamePad became a quick-jump map of a fortress manned by numbered, laser-firing security cameras. As robots encroach on different entry points, you have to tap the GamePad to leap from camera to camera, blasting enemies that trundle or come at you sprinting — even some that sneak under your radar. All the while, onlookers can shout out the numbers that correspond to robot-threatened camera feeds, turning your defense operations into a frenetic, heart-racing, tap-and-fire scramble.

And the third project? A game Nintendo fans have been waiting for a very long time to see: Star Fox is back, only reimagined on the Wii U using Miyamoto’s new GamePad-based controls — controls that’ll ask of players things they’ve never had to do before in a video game. Whether they’ll come willing or balk remains to be seen, but Miyamoto is convinced he’s on to a control scheme that’s not only novel, but with practice, indispensable.

Will we see all of these projects at Nintendo’s press conference this morning? Well, Time does have a picture of Miyamoto playing Wii U Star Fox in Nintendo’s booth at E3…so that one is a definite.