New Details on Episode VII Sets Built at Pinewood


Imperial Docking Bay

We’re starting to get into that time when the leaky ship of Episode VII is going to reveal all its secrets, and no amount of Bad Robot injunctions or silly notes from JJ Abrams will be able to stop this mystery box from being busted open. Unlike Abrams’ two Star Trek movies, which were completely controlled by Bad Robot, there are multiple companies with their fingers in the Episode VII pie and that’s going to result in leaks.

We’ve already seen a whole bunch of leaks from TMZ, and now there’s news on a couple other cool-sounding sets that have been built at Pinewood.

Our buddies over at have details on four different sets:

The Hoth set (if it is Hoth and not another ice planet) was also great, has a crashed ship in the snow…

The thing about the Imperial set is that it’s totally pristine. It didn’t look abandoned or un-maintained for 30 years.

The tree dwelling was also interesting because what I saw didn’t look like either Endor/Ewok or Kashyyyk.

The Tatooine set is great, but it is what it is, looks like Tatooine.

Check out their full article for in-depth details an descriptions of what these sets look like. There’s also confirmation that AVCO is definitely the code name, as they’re using the Star Jedi font for the AVCO signs.