Jupiter Ascending Delayed Until 2015


Jupiter Ascending Mila Kunis Poster

You’ll have wait seven more months to see the Wachowski’s latest.

If you were hoping to see the Wachowski’s new science fiction epic in theaters next month, you’re going to have a much longer wait.

Apparently due to many of the effects still being incomplete Warner Brothers has delayed Jupiter Ascending to February 2015. This means that it’ll open up against Seventh Son, the troubled fantasy film that Warner ditched to Universal when Legendary moved over there.

While the effects story is the “official” one, other rumors have said that early reaction to the movie was “troubling” and Warner may be trying to avoid another big summer Wachowski bomb like they had with Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas. Moving it to February caused some people to make comparisons to The Matrix, which came out in March of 1999, but the 2014 Wachowskis are are lot different than the 1999 Wachowskis as their recent movies have shown. Some would say they haven’t made a truly great movie since the first Matrix…