New Marvel Promo Art Helps Squash the \’Fantastic Four\’ Cancellation Rumor


Marvel Heroes 2015 poster

There are several Fox-owned characters in this promo art. The cancellation rumor is false.

Despite Marvel denying the rumor that they would be canceling all Fantastic Four comics, it just won’t die with large Hollywood trades running it last night.

The entire rumor was built on the lack of “Fantastic Four” characters on some Marvel 75th Anniversary promo art. Starting a rumor based on that is dumb in the first place, and now Marvel has released some new art for the relaunch of the ‘Marvel Heroes’ game, which features some Fox-owned characters such as Storm, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, and Sue Storm.

The Marvel Heroes game is an online action game officially sanctioned by Marvel with an on-going and evolving story written by Brian Michael Bendis. If Marvel was planning on canceling the Fantastic Four, it’s doubtful their characters would feature so prominently in the game and its promo art.

Yet another example of why that rumor was false in the first place.