Marvel Has Found Their \’Doctor Strange\’ Director


Doctor Strange Movie

While most of the internet is proceeding to debate the various front-runners to replace Edgar Wright on Marvel’s Ant Man, it seems like the studio has found who they want to direct the Sorcerer Supreme’s first movie.

According to Variety Marvel is zeroing in on Scott Derrickson. Known for horror films such as The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister, and Deliver Us From Evil his hiring could give a clue as to the tone Marvel is going after for Stephen Strange’s introduction. All those people who complain how light-hearted Marvel movies are would probably welcome a darker adventure featuring Doctor Strange.

Previous rumors have said that Marvel wants Doctor Strange to become the “Iron Man” of Phase 3 in that he could be the Stark that holds together the rest of the Cinematic Universe. With the hiring of a director, it’s almost certain that an official announcement of Doctor Strange will come with Marvel’s San Diego Comic Con panel next month.