Is the X-Force Movie on Hold Due to Apocalypse?


Rob Liefeld X-Force #1

Prior to the announcement that the next X-Men movie would be X-Men Apocalypse, Fox was talking up their plans to introduce X-Force to the big screen. Fans were hoping this would happen as the movie would apparently find a way to introduce the true Deadpool (not the crappy Weapon XI version from X-Men Origins) in a PG-13 way before moving him into his own raunchy solo film.

It sounds like those plans may have changed when Bryan Singer announced X-Men: Apocalypse.

Recently the “artist” who just renamed New Mutants “X-Force” and thus has credit for “creating” the team took to Twitter to explain that Apocalypse disrupted the X-Force plans:

Rob Liefeld X-Force Tweet

As Days of Future Past is currently the highest grossing entry in the X-Men film series, it’s hard to blame Fox for wanting to keep the X-Men train momentum going. At the same time, introducing a young Scott and Jean in Apocalypse could be the setup they need to introduce Cable.