45 Episode VII Set Photos Leak From Abu Dhabi


Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars Concept Art

Back when Episode II was in production a tabloid leaked the first images of the cast in costume, and now the same thing has happened with one of the sets built in Abu Dhabi for Star Wars Episode VII.

In this case, TMZ is the one to release 45 images taken from the set. There aren’t any big spoilers in the pics, as it’s mostly extras standing around the set. There are some new creatures and a new speeder, and the outside of what is most likely a market set. The gateway to the area is also very similar to a Ralph McQuarrie painting (above) which was also used in the Clone Wars animated movie.

We won’t post any of the pictures here, as Bad Robot is probably already sending cease & desist orders to TMZ to have the images taken down. Their entire gallery is here.