Are Dathomir Sith Witches in Star Wars Episode VII?


Nightsisters of Dathomir from The Clone WarsThere’s been a bit of buzz among Episode VII scoopers this week that has led to a theory that characters that have appeared in The Clone Wars may pop up in the new movie. This would obviously piss off those Prequel-hating “fans” who hope Lucasfilm will retcon the Prequels out of existence, but it ties in with the company’s statements regarding what is and isn’t canon.

Originally introduced as the Nightsisters of Dathomir in the now-Legends book The Courtship of Princess Leia, the witches have become official canon with their heavy involvement in The Clone Wars television series. Now there’s a hint that they may show up in some way in the Sequel Trilogy.

An apparent Episode VII stunt crew member by the name of Rey-Phillip Santos had an Instagram account where all of a sudden some behind the scenes pictures featuring Ray Park and Darth Maul filming Episode I were posted. What was interesting about this account was at one point the following image was posted:

Episode VII Sith Witch

That does look a lot like a Sith, and specifically a Sith Witch as seen in The Clone Wars. The red flag about these images was raised when all of a sudden everything on the Instagram account (as well as a video that is claimed to be Daisy Ridley practicing stunts) were removed. The reason they were pulled wasn’t revealed, but there have been whispers that it actually wasn’t him who was posting all of the videos and someone else was doing it with ulterior motives.

Could this mean the Sith Witches of Dathomir are involved in some way in Episode VII? It’s hard to say for sure what that image is of, but the fact that the Instagram account was so quickly purged is leading many to believe it was a legitimate leak of something we weren’t supposed to see just yet.

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