Wii U Super Smash Bros. Can Use GameCube Controllers


Super Smash Bros. Wii UEver since the GameCube version of Super Smash Bros., hardcore players have preferred that controller for the game. The Wii version of the series, Brawl, was able to support GameCube controllers as that system had built-in controller ports for those pads. But until now Wii U owners were wondering how such a thing would be possible on the new system.

Today Nintendo hinted at an answer by tweeting the following image:

Wii U GameCube Controller Adaptor

What this means is that Nintendo will be announcing a USB GameCube controller hub for the Wii U, and from the image it looks like they’ll be releasing new GameCube controllers branded for Smash Bros.. This is likely one of their announcements planned for E3, which is happening in just over a week in Los Angeles.

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