A Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Reward Will Allow You to Wear Geordi\’s Visor


Geordi La ForgeHave you ever wanted to wear Geordi’s Visor from Star Trek: The Next Generation? Not a replica like cosplayers use, but the actual prop that LeVar Burton wore on the show? If you have $10,000 burning in your pocket you can do just that while supporting Reading Rainbow.

LeVar Burton and Reading Rainbow have launched a Kickstarter to bring the format to the web and into every school for free. They have a $1 million goal, and at this rate they’ll definitely hit it, and one of the reward tiers has something fun for Star Trek fans:

The ULTIMATE STAR TREK “GEORDI’S VISOR” Package // You and a friend will be LeVar’s personal guests for a PRIVATE DINNER in Los Angeles, and you will get to wear the ONE-AND-ONLY ORIGINAL VISOR that LeVar wore in ST:TNG.

That’s for one of a couple $10,000 tiers. While one of the other $10,000 tiers does have a pledge or two, this one doesn’t. Who will be the most hardcore TNG fan out there to donate $10k and try on Geordi’s Visor?

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