Ranking the X-Men Movies


Days of Future Past Cast

Whenever a new superhero movie is released, people feel like they need to say where it ranks in comparison to the other movies in its series. Much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Fox’s X-Men movies are worthy of this sort of list. So here is how we feel the seven current X-Men movies rank, beginning with the best…

#1 X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Besides just doing fans a huge favor by removing X-Men: The Last Stand out of the film continuity, Days of Future Past finally (after fourteen years) managed to get the X-Men “right” on the big screen. Blame The Avengers for it if you want, but Fox has finally realized that these are comic book characters and they shouldn’t limit them to “street level” portrayals.

The opening Sentinel fight is the sort of mutant action scene X-Men fans have wanted to see ever since they started making these movies. Showcasing each character’s power, and how those powers interact with the other members of the team in a fight scene, is the sort of sequence the comics have been known for and we finally got to see it on the big screen with this latest movie.

Although the original X-Men cast is used in the film, they’re only really in it to give closure to them and to resolve fan outcry over what happened in X-Men: The Last Stand. This is really a sequel to X-Men: First Class, and it does that rare thing where the sequel surpasses the original.