\’Days of Future Past\’ Makes $111 Million Over Memorial Day Weekend


Days of Future Past CastWhile Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is crashing and burning at the box office, performing worse than Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 and sparking rumors of the rights reverting to Marvel, Fox doesn’t seem to be having the same issue with their latest X-Men movie.

“Days of Future Past” pulled in $111 million over the four-day Memorial Day Weekend, and when added to its international take the film is already at $302 million worldwide. That makes it the highest worldwide debut of an X-Men movie, but in the US it still made less than “The Last Stand” which made $122 million back in 2006.

As “Days of Future Past” wipes “The Last Stand” out of the X-Men film canon, and is a much better received movie than that one, it’s likely to end up topping that an all other X-Men films at the box office when this is all over.

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