Stan Lee Responds to David Goyer\’s Ignorant She-Hulk Comments


mcu-characters-movies-06Yesterday, right around the same time he was calling DC Comic fans virgins for knowing who Martian Manhunter is, David Goyer made equally ignorant comments about Marvel’s She-Hulk. If you didn’t see what he said, this is the stupidity that spewed from his mouth:

“I have a theory about She-Hulk. Which was created by a man, right? And at the time in particular I think 95% of comic book readers were men and certainly almost all of the comic book writers were men. So the Hulk was this classic male power fantasy. It’s like, most of the people reading comic books were these people like me who were just these little kids getting the sh*t kicked out of them every day… And so then they created She-Huk, right? Who was still smart… I think She-Hulk is the chick that you could f*ck if you were Hulk, you know what I’m saying? … She-Hulk was the extension of the male power fantasy. So it’s like if I’m going to be this geek who becomes the Hulk then let’s create a giant green porn star that only the Hulk could f*ck.”

Obviously this bit of genius spread quickly around the internet, and people were quick to call him out on how dumb the comments were.

But what about one of She-Hulk’s creators? The Washington Post checked in with Stan Lee, who co-created She-Hulk in 1980, and he had this to say:

“Never for an instant did I want her as a love interest for Hulk. Only a nut would even think of that.”

When you have Stan Lee calling you a nut for your theories about She-Hulk, maybe you should just stop.

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