First Trailer for Disney\’s Animated Marvel Film \’Big Hero 6\’


big-hero-6-03Disney has released the first teaser trailer for Big Hero 6, which is the first animated film they’ve done based on a Marvel property. Big Hero 6 is a pretty obscure limited series, and despite the characters showing up in The Amazing Spider-Man more than a year ago, it’s not something most Marvel fans are familiar with.

Again, this is just a teaser that’s meant to introduce Hiro and Baymax; the two main characters in the movie. It’ll likely be in theaters next weekend with Malificent.

An interesting thing about the trailer is that they don’t mention Marvel anywhere in it. This could be due to the material being pretty obscure, or they are taking enough liberties from the original comic that it’s more of a Disney movie than a Marvel movie now. Also, putting the Marvel logo on it could confuse people into thinking it’s connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which it’s definitely not.