JJ Abrams Releases Video From the Abu Dhabi Episode VII Set


episodeii-abrams-alienThis morning JJ Abrams released a video from the set of Star Wars Episode VII in Abu Dhabi promoting a new contest where someone could win a visit to the Pinewood Studios set by donating to Omaze. This isn’t the first type of contest Lucasfilm has done on Omaze, prior to the beginning of filming they held a trip to Skywalker Ranch on there.

What Star Wars fans would be interested in with this video is it’s the first look at part of the set where they’re currently filming Episode VII. While it does look like it could be Tatooine, it does also sort of match the rumors of a post-apocalyptic look for the movie. What if the Empire wasn’t fully defeated in Return of the Jedi and the galaxy has suffered decades of war? Everything would look post-apocalyptic.

During the video what is obviously a background alien walks into frame. Before some snarky Star Wars expert praises it for not being CG, they should educate themselves about how many real models and real sets were used in the Prequels…