Is Marvel Planning a Live-Action \’Ms. Marvel\’ Project?


ms-marvel-1Earlier this morning, Eden Sher (of ABC’s The Middle) tweeted that she had just met with Marvel over something and left with a ton of comics. You can view the tweet here, and Marvel’s official Twitter account actually even re-tweeted it.

Shortly after she sent a tweet thanking the current editor of Ms. Marvel:

This has sparked speculation that Marvel may be planning to do something with the newer Ms. Marvel that recently launched. Despite confusion, this wouldn’t be a “Captain Marvel” movie. In the current comics, Ms. Marvel is a different character while Carol Danvers has the Captain Marvel role in the Marvel universe. That means this could be a possible Netflix or television series, or it could be Marvel’s first female-driven big screen event.

It’s all speculation right now, but based on the positive reaction over the current Ms. Marvel book it really wouldn’t be surprising…