How Guardians of the Galaxy Connects to the Marvel Cinematic Universe



Following yesterday’s trailer that has taken over the internet, there is this opinion going around that Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t have anything to do with the other Marvel Cinematic Universe films as it’s set in space. The truth is, Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most important movies to Marvel’s Phase 3 that will lead up to the third Avengers around 2018. Sure there’s a rumor on a big film blog that claims The Avengers 3 would be based on World War Hulk, but people who actually read comics know that’s not true as Marvel has been dropping clues as to where they’re really going for a long time…

The Avengers


This all began with The Avengers. In the mid-credits scene, it was revealed that Thanos was behind it all and he was the one who was trying to get the Tesseract from Earth. Thanos is in love with Death and is one of the big bads of the Marvel Universe, and for him to go after the Tesseract (which is the Cosmic Cube in the comics) isn’t out of the ordinary. But it would take the Thor sequel to really blow fan’s minds as to why Thanos wanted the object. And what it sets up is amazing for comic fans to look forward to…