First Images from Disney\’s \’Big Hero 6\’





On November 7th, the first animated film from Disney that’s based on a Marvel property will be released. Big Hero 6 is a super hero team that has crossed over with big Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, but they’re still not quite as well known as the mainstream Marvel books. Walt Disney Animation Studios is adapting the comic into their 54th animated feature film.

The movie will obviously have some changes from the comic. As Fox has the mutants held hostage, the character of Silver Samurai (who’s a member of the team in the comics) will likely be left out of the movie. Instead, it’ll focus on the relationship between Hiro and Baymax. That’s what these images focus on, showing how Hiro transforms Baymax into the kick-ass robot in the comics.

The first trailer will be out on Thursday.

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