YouTube Spends $1 Billion to Destroy Twitch


twitchLast December controversy erupted across YouTube as hundreds of legitimate gaming channels were crippled by having most of their videos flagged under YouTube’s mangled copyright ContentID system. Many of these streamers bailed from YouTube for, and now they’re being forced to return to Google’s Borg collective as YouTube has assimilated Twitch.

Variety broke the news this afternoon that YouTube has purchased the growing gaming streaming service for $1 billion. As of right now there’s no news on how this will affect current streamers on Twitch, but you can understand how people are pretty nervous based on how YouTube treated gaming channels just a couple of months ago.

There are a couple of alternatives that people are considering. is a new service very similar to Twitch, and has been around for quite a while. Still, this is going to be a massive blow to the Twitch community as they saw that site as an oasis away from the YouTube copyright trolls. It didn’t last long.

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