All Star Batman & Robin Likely to Remain Unfinished


goddamn-batmanFrank Miller and Jim Lee’s All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder is infamous for a couple reasons. Aside from inspiring an internet meme with the quote in the image above, which then gave birth to a popular Twitter account, the series is known for remaining unfinished. It ran for ten issues between 2005 and 2008, and since then the fate of the final six has remained up in the air.

A new release on the way from DC may give a hint to its fate. DC has announced an Absolute Edition of All Star Batman & Robin, which will collect issues 1-10 along with bonus material in one of their facy $100 hardcovers. The book is due for release on July 8th.

Originally the series was going to be rebooted as Dark Knight: Boy Wonder back in 2011, which is what the final six issues would be published as. With this release of the Absolute Edition of the first 10 issues, it’s possible that is still the plan but as we haven’t heard anything of the reboot in three years it’s possible these are the only 10 issues we’ll see…

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