Episode VII Second Unit Involved in a Helicopter Crash?


ep7630It’s been known that they’ve been doing some second unit Episode VII filming for a while now as Alan Horn recently confirmed some filming in Abu Dhabi. Now it looks like the filming in Iceland may be confirmed, and there may have been a small accident already.

Star Wars 7 News spotted an Icelandic news story that describes the crash in which no one was hurt:

The helicopter landed in a mishap at Eyjafjallajökull. Crew were not injured.
The helicopter , which is of type TF – HDW Ecureuil was in filming on the glacier. According to sources Dab Trés here to discuss taking a team of Star Wars VII under the direction of Marc Wolff , specializing in film grips from the air. Last Mission Everest Wolff was directed by Baltasar Kormákur.

They also located tweets that show this likely happened the weekend of May the 4th.

While some think this is an unlucky start to Episode VII, it may be good luck. When filming A New Hope in 1976 a sandstorm hit at the start of filming, and the exact same thing happened while they were filming Episode I in 1997. The Episode I sandstorm is even documented in “The Beginning” documentary that Lucasfilm has uploaded to YouTube.

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