Spider-Man Rights Reverting to Marvel?


amazing_spiderman_3_1Following the awesome reveal of the Ben Affleck Batman this morning, there’s been some crazy twitter chatter going around about another superhero’s big screen future.

Not long after the internet calmed down a bit over seeing the near-perfect Batman suit, people started tweeting about Marvel regaining the rights to Spider-Man. Of course this is crazy as Sony has been saying forever that they’ll never give up Spider-Man, and they have four more movies planned in their Spidey Cinematic Universe. Then again, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 plummeted 61% in its second weekend, which is just about how bad Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 did in its second weekend.

Where did this rumor start, it seems like Bleeding Cool discovered it was Max Landis tweeting it:


Could the dismal performance of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have caused Sony to relent and return Spider-Man to Marvel? Or was Max Landis just trolling Twitter?

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