Star Wars Rebels Season One is 16 Episodes With \’Legacy Characters\’


rebelsStar Wars fans who became used to The Clone Wars’ long 22-episode seasons will have some adjusting to do with Star Wars Rebels. Much like the shorter 13 episode final season on Netflix, Rebels’ first season will be just sixteen episodes. Even with that bit of disappointment, some classic characters will appear in the show.

Collider has an interview with Simon Kinberg where the site says Lando is returning to the series and Kinberg gives this cryptic response about writing “legacy” characters:

Writing dialogue for any of the legacy characters is as big a thrill as anything I’ve ever had in my life. I said this to [producer Kathleen Kennedy] that when I open up a Final Draft document, and I tab over to “Character” and it’s a character from the original films—to be nameless until people see them—but if it’s a character from the original films, just typing in those letters and then that being the recorded name in that name database for that script is as surreal, and perhaps more so, than anything I’ve experienced in my career.

While Lando has been rumored for a while to return to the show, the part of the article stating Lando is in the series is from the site and isn’t an official Lucasfilm announcement. It’s very likely he’ll pop up (along with Obi-Wan based on the toys), but as of yet there’s nothing official from Lucasfilm about it.

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