Furious Fanboys Needs Your Help


Luke LOL LargeThis is something I had hoped I’d never need to write about this site. For the past five years I’ve poured myself into this site bringing you the news about Star Wars, comics, movies, and games that we thought were cool. This site is about everything I enjoy as much as it is stuff you probably like too. But now it’s in danger of going away.

The sad reality is that websites live and die based on traffic and ad revenue, and right now Furious Fanboys isn’t receiving enough of either to keep it alive.

You may have noticed that last month the site was down for a weekend. This was due to a massive storage failure at our host, which resulted in more than two years of content being lost. While this wasn’t the exact cause of our traffic issues, it didn’t help things and made everything worse. Two years of content that was linked all over suddenly became dead links, Facebook didn’t like that with our page there and it pretty much killed us on Google.

As a result of the traffic issues we’re not making enough through ads to keep the site running. The reality of the situation is that if things don’t improve by the end of this month, Furious Fanboys will likely be shutting down.

So what can you do? Well if you’re reading this article you’re already helping, but the biggest thing you can do to help us is to share what we post via social media. When we post a news story, list, funny image, or anything cool please share it however you can via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Stumbleupon, and especially sites like Reddit or N4G.

We’re looking into ways to increase revenue on the site, but we don’t want to resort to annoying annoying like pop-up or pop-under ads. I don’t want to see Furious Fanboys go away. Aside from it being my sole source of income, I love running this site for you every day. It’s been my life for five years, and I don’t want to see it end.

Thanks for reading,

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